About Nautilus Marine

A small company, big projects.

Our Story

Nautilus Marine Fabrication, Inc. began as Nautilus Marine Engineering, Inc. in 1983. Ned Simmons, a mechanical engineer from Massachusetts, and Winston Ellis from Connecticut joined their operations to form the company in West Tremont, Maine, a small village on the west side of Mount Desert Island. The company quickly became known for very high quality marine metal fabrication, which was Ned’s specialty, and extra heavy duty cast bronze deck and shaft hardware, which was Winston’s contribution. The company grew to a crew of 5 by the early 1990’s. The casting end of the business was sold to an employee in 1994, and the fabrication business was sold to two other employees, Steve Brenton and Jim Patten in 1998. They changed the name to Nautilus Marine Fabrication, Inc.

The Crew

Steve and Jim, president and vice-president, respectively, have continued the high quality standards of workmanship, and relentlessly strive to improve customer service. The company was moved to a brand new modern facility in the Trenton Industrial Park in 1999 and a full-time manager was hired in 2002. Nautilus now employs 9 highly skilled craftsmen, a full-time outside salesman, and a bookkeeper. Steve and Jim work out on the floor with the rest of the crew, usually taking care of the most complicated projects that come through the door.


Let Nautilus go to work for you.


Over the past 30+ years Nautilus Marine Fabrication, Inc. has built and maintained an enviable and well-deserved reputation in the Boat Building, Residential Construction and even the Art industries as the top notch fabrication shop in the northeast.


The propeller business was added in 2004 when it became apparent that there was a need in the area for a high-quality, local propeller service shop. The Hale MRI and related equipment was a large investment, but the business is growing steadily, and our reputation is solid as the best in the area. Propeller reconditioning the right way is not a matter of eyeball and hammer as in the past. With the high price of fuel and the ever-growing cost and increasingly high-tech boats and engines, propellers need to be very accurately tuned and balanced. The Hale MRI computerized measurement system used by Nautilus along with our hydraulic prop adjustment machine allows our craftsmen to make a propeller run as quietly and efficiently as possible. Customers also expect their propellers to look good, so our long experience in welding and finishing metal allows us to put a finish on your prop second to none.

Water Jet Acadia

The newest addition to the business is Water Jet Acadia, Division of Nautilus Marine Fabrication, Inc. We purchased the former Strong & Weiland, Inc. business in April of 2007. Their business was solely Water Jet Cutting. By adding this facet to our business, we can Water Jet cut any metal parts, and weld, polish, and finish the project as needed. CNC Abrasive Water Cutting is the most versatile cutting system available. With Water Jet, we are not limited to cutting only metal since the Water Jet will cut just about anything except for tempered glass. We have cut numerous projects in stone, tile, rubber, composites, plastics, and of course lots of metal. Our Flow International IFB612 has a 6 ft x 12 ft bed and will cut materials up to 5.5 inches thick.