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Nautilus Marine Propeller Service has become known as THE place to get propeller work done on the coast of Maine, and for good reason. We offer complete computerized Hale MRI reconditioning service for propellers up to 54" diameter. We offer accurate repairs, re-pitching, welding, cupping, re-boring, and balancing. Most repairs or modifications are done to ISO484 Class I or Class II specs, with up to Class "S" by request at extra cost.

The Hale MRI computerized measurement system that we use along with our hydraulic prop adjustment station and precision balancer allows our prop technicians to make a propeller run as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Customers also expect their propellers to look good, so our many years of experience in metal working means that we put a finish on your prop that is second to none. Peak performance and smooth running are what our customers demand, and we deliver.

Nautilus is an authorized dealer for Michigan Wheel Corporation's inboard propeller line. Michigan Wheel has proven itself a leader in the world of propellers with over 100 years of experience in the field since its founding in 1903. They make it their business to have the hand-crafted propeller you need. Propellers come in a wide range of diameters, and in three, four, and five-blade configurations.

Michigan's 3-blade Dyna-Jet is the most popular propeller in the world for moderately-sized boats, providing exceptional speed and performance on craft up through 40'. Perfect for the working vessels or pleasure boats, the Dyna-Jet and it's derivative DJX provide excellent performance. Similarly, the Dyna-Quad and its derivative the DQX provide the benefits of the Dyna-Jet for vessels needing larger blade area, such as those greater than 40' in length. The M-500 is a highly popular choice for new construction and upgrades. The added blade area provides a marked boost in performance, and reduces vibration caused by the propeller giving you a smoother, quieter cruise.

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Information on these propellers and more can be found on Michigan Wheel's website at

We are also an authorized dealer for Hall & Stavert's inboard propeller line.

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