Waterjet Cutting

The capabilities of our Flow Waterjet are quite impressive. With this machine and our highly talented technician, we can cut from flat stock almost anything, to almost any shape that can be drawn with a CAD ( Computer Aided Design) program. Any metal, stone, ceramic, plastic, composites, rubber, foam, even wood. The capacities are 72” wide x 144” long x 5-1/2” thick. We have done even larger projects with modifications to the cutting table of the jet. We cut repeat production items for other shops, all of our own items we use in fabrication projects, and one off parts for any type of construction. We even cut some beautiful decorative artwork. As our logo says, “Our Limit is Your Imagination.”


A selection of sharp work we did with our Flow International CNC Water Jet cutting machine. Remember, at Nautilus, our limit is your imagination.


Cutting Aluminum Production
Parts Economically


Precise, clean cuts in
G-10 composites


Maximum Efficiency



Swim Platform


Precision Pieces
Made Easy


Granite Cutting