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Nautilus Marine is THE place to get your propeller work done!

Nautilus Marine Propeller Service has become known as THE place to get propeller work done on the coast of Maine, and for good reason. We offer complete computerized Hale MRI reconditioning service for propellers up to 54″ diameter. We offer accurate repairs, re-pitching, welding, cupping, re-boring, and balancing. Most repairs or modifications are done to ISO484 Class I or Class II specs, with up to Class “S” by request at extra cost. Customers also expect their propellers to look good, so our many years of experience in metal working means that we put a finish on your prop that is second to none.

A fine finish on a propeller is more important than just good looks. A clean finish on the prop helps enable our experienced technicians to visually detect stress cracks or other flaws in the metal that may make the prop unsafe to use. If there is any question, we also have the ability to dye check the prop for cracks.

Hale MRI computerized measurement system

The Hale MRI computerized measurement system that we use along with our hydraulic prop adjustment station and precision balancer allows our prop technicians to make a propeller run as smoothly and efficiently as possible.  The Hale MRI takes thousands of extremely accurate measurements on the prop blades. It “maps” them out in graph form on the computer screen to enable the trained prop technician to see what areas of the blades need to be adjusted to bring the prop into conformance with high performance specifications. This level of accuracy means the propeller will be as efficient, quiet and smooth running as possible. An initial and final scan report is provided with each prop so the customer can see for themselves what condition the prop was in when it was brought to our shop, and what condition the prop has been repaired or modified to when finished. Our customers tell us time and time again “My boat never ran so smooth until you guys did my prop”. That’s what we strive for!

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